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We Have Started Registration of Our 5th Webinar!

*This webinar is in Japanese only.
We are very pleased to announce that we are finally able to hold our 5th Webinar "The Features and Case Studies of the Wide and Distortion-less RDL Lens”.

This will be the final webinar for our series "Webinar for Optical Design & Optical Parts Selection" .
We will be focusing on our original product "RDL Lens" as an example of optical design / one of the choices for optical parts that is aimed to solve problems in the market through its features and case studies.
We are planning to nor only wrap-up our previous webinars through actual product development stories, but we might also be stepping out of the presentation slides to do experimenting using our RDL Lens.
If you are interested, please consider registering through the below link.

[Date / Time]
1. March 25th, 2022 14:00~15:00

2. March 28th, 2022 14:00~15:00

3. March 30th, 2022 14:00~15:00

*The contents will be same for all dates.

There is a limited amount of viewership, so be quick to register.
Please register from the URL below.

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