We are a comprehensive optical manufacturer of Opto mechatronics that commercializes customer needs from design and development.

Recruitment Q&A

1. (Q) Schedule of company information sessions and employment examinations
(A) We do not set the dates for company information sessions and employment examinations in advance. We set the dates and times for these events after we receive applications for tours and examinations. Therefore, if you let us know as early as possible, we will adjust the schedule as soon as possible.
2. (Q) What knowledge and qualifications do I need to enter the company?

(A) Since our company deals with the specialized field of “light,” you will be required to study from scratch after joining the company, so there is no such thing as a requirement for this qualification.

(The following depends on the type of job you want.)

  • However, if you are in the engineering field, for example, your base is physics and mathematics, so I think it would be better to have you study that thoroughly.
  • For overseas sales, it is recommended to have a TOEIC score of 600 or higher

3. (Q) Should I be able to speak Chinese?

(A) It is better to be able to speak Chinese, but since there are Chinese staff who understand Japanese, you don’t need to be able to speak Chinese from the beginning. If you stay there for six months, you will be able to have basic daily conversations.

4. (Q) Will I be able to get the job type I want?

(A) We decide where to assign people based on our management plan to replenish and strengthen our human resources in the needed places, so it is not always possible to fulfill your wishes

5. (Q) What is the education system like?

(A) Right after you join the company, you will receive training on our company’s structure and rules, as well as general new-employee training that is also given at other companies, such as how to prepare yourself as a member of society and manners as a businessperson.

After being assigned to a position, you will basically receive on-the-job training (OJT) and learn under the guidance of your supervisors and seniors on the job. If necessary, you may be required to attend external training or seminars.

6. (Q) Is there a possibility of working overseas?

(A) As our core business of manufacturing is currently located in China, we cannot say that there is no possibility for you to go to China.

7. (Q) What are the strengths of your company?

(A) The company has a strong position in the optical industry and is able to respond flexibly to customer needs from design to productization

8.(Q)What is the atmosphere like at the workplace?

(A)Each member of the team is engaged in their work with a sense of responsibility. In order to respond to the voices of our customers, we actively exchange opinions, and our workplace is always full of vitality.

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