We are a comprehensive optical manufacturer of Opto mechatronics that commercializes customer needs from design and development.

History / Story

TOYOTEC products in the 1980’s
1944 Jul. Takeyoshi Ono founded Yamato Kogaku KK in Nagano, started lens production for Japanese army
1960 Nov. Founded Toyo Seiki Kogyo in Toyokawa. Shifted production of camera distance meter from Daiwa Kogaku to
Toyo Seiki Kogyo.
1967 Dec. Founded Aichi Lens Kogyo, dedicated camera lens company.
1970 Nov. Established Toyo Circle by 8 companies for business optimization and mutual growth.
1972 Feb. Toyo Circle member companies established cooperative association.
1974 Apr. Shifted optical glass lens processing function from Toyo Seiki Kogyo to Aichi Lens. Changed company name
Aichi lens to Toyo Kogaku Kogyo.
1986 Nov. Established Toyo Juko as a dedicated plastic lens factory.
1987 Nov. Changed company name Toyo Seiki Kogyo to TOYOTEC to improve group management. Newly founded
Toyo Seiki Kogyo for engineering plastic injection and metal lathing factory.
1991 July. Toyo Seiki Kogyo inaugurated Plastic injection factory in Ichinomiya, Aichi.
1994 July. Established TOYOTEC (HK) Co., Ltd..
1997 Nov. Expanded Toyo Juko factory.
2000 Aug. TOYOTEC acquired ISO 9001.
2001 Apr. Toyo Seiki Kogyo acquired ISO 9001. Changed company name Shinshiro Seiko to Omicron.
2002 Jul. Inaugurated TOYOTEC (HK) Dong Guan factory in Dong Guan, Guang Dong, China
2004 Jan. Toyo Juko and Toyo Seiki Kogyo merged and renamed Juko Co., Ltd
2004 Apr. TOYOTEC acquired ISO 14001.
2004 Jul. Established TOYOTEC Oita for injection molding in Kitsuki, Oita.
2005 Nov. Reorganized corporate structures and merged four companies.
2006 Jan. Certified as Aichi Quality Company.
2007 Oct. Inaugurated TOYOTEC (HK) Dong Guan factory for optical plastic manufacturing in Dong Guan,
Guang Dong, China.
2008 Aug. Inaugurated TOYOTEC Precision Molding (Dong Guan) Co., Ltd. , Guang Dong, China.
2009 Jul. TOYOTEC and Toyo Kogaku Kogyo merged.
2010 Jun. Changed TOYOTEC Kogaku plant to Kogaku technical center. Changed Juko plant to Juko technical center
2011 Jul. Formed business tie-up contract with DASAN PRECISION Co., Ltd. in Korea.
2013 Apr. Established a “Dongguan Dongyang Fengxiu Optical Co.,Ltd.” as a new wholly-owned company by merging
“DongYang factory” and “DongXiu Optical factory”, and started production.
2015 Apr. TOYOTEC Kansai Sales Office is established in Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture.
2017 Jul.

“Dongguan Guangde Plastic Co., Ltd.” and “Dongxiu Optical Arsenal” are merged to form “Toyotec Optics(Dong Guan) Co.,Ltd.”

European Sales Office is established in Stuttgart, Germany.

2020 Jul. Selected as one of the “100 New Global Niche Top Companies” by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.


2021 May. TOYOTEC PHILIPPINES INC. is established in the Philippines.

History of Toyotec Company

TOYOTEC’s long history has started since 1944. Explore our History of more than 70 years in images