All about what to know about our company.


TOYOTEC in your daily life

Cameras, automobiles, printers, projectors, security…etc. TOYOTEC products are used in all kinds od situations in your daily life

The Message with Light

We are an all-around manufacturer that can productize our customers’ needs from the design / development phase, utilizing our 3 core technologies : optical, mechanical, and electronical technology (Optomechatronics).


TOYOTEC’s technology has been highly praised by customers in Japan and around the world.


Our goal is to create a workplace where each and every employee, regardless of nationality, age, gender, etc., can demonstrate their abilities and work in a healthy and enjoyable manner.


It is a well-established company with a history of 75 years, and its head office building has been recognized as a registered cultural property.

Global Niche Top Companies Selection 100

<METI> 2020

Regional Future Leading Company

<METI> 2019

Health and Productivity Management Award

<METI>  2017

Aichi Quality Company

<Aichi Pref.> 2006/1~

Working conditions

Initial Salary <Present>

University (Master): 202,900 yen

University (Bachelor): 196,700 yen

Technical Colledge: 177,600 yen

Junior Colledge: 175,010 yen

Allowance: Commuting allowance, housing allowance, family allowance, etc.

Salary Raise

Once a year (April)


Twice a year (July / November)

Work Hours

2 days/week (Saturdays may occasionally be work days) 115 days/year
Year-end and New Year vacations, Golden Week, summer vacation, individual vacations, special vacations

Work Place

Toyokawa City, Aichi Pref. (There is a possibility of working overseas in the future.)


Social insurance, serverance pay system, property accumulation savings system

Education and Training

New employee training, in-house training, external training, training by job level

Positions to be filled

  • Optical designers, precision mechanical component designers
  • Production engineer for precision machinery
  • Precision plastic injection molding technician, optical film technician
  • Sales engineer
    <Recruitment Record>
    Shizuoka Univ., Shizuoka Prefectural Univ., Nagoya Institute of Technology,Aichi Institute of Technology, Meijo Univ., Daido Univ., Chukyo Univ., Chubu Univ., Gifu Univ.

How to Apply

E-Mail: jinji@toyo-circle.co.jp
Phone: 0533-85-1110

(Available from 8:00~17:00 MON~FRI, Excluding national holidays)
Personnel: Adachi (Ms.), Human Resources Dept.


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