We are a comprehensive optical manufacturer of Opto mechatronics that commercializes customer needs from design and development.

Factory in Japan

From high Precision Tooling fabrication for lens processing to optical coating and unit manufacturing, we have an integrated production system in Japan.

TOYOTEC Manufacturing Department

Equipment Manufacture company Machine type Qty
Ultrasonic melting machine ULTRASONIC ENGINEERING CO.,LTD. UPW1221G3X 1
Compact cold shock device Espec TSE-12-A 1
Compact environmental tester Espec SH-241 2
Image measuring machine KEYENCE IM-7000 1
Interferometer FUJINON F601 1
Automatic MTF measurement system TRIOPTICS ImageMaster HR 1

Juko Technical Center

Equipment Manufacture company Machine type Qty
Injection Molding Machine 50T Class 14
Injection Molding Machine 100~150T Class 7
Vacuum Vapor Deposition Machine 4
Sputtering Machine 1
Ultra Precision Machining Machine
Machining Center
NC Milling Machine
Electric Discharge Machine
Surface Form/Roughness Measurement Machine Taylor Hobson PGI 1240 1
Image Dimension Measurement System KEYENCE IM-6225 1
Non-Contact 3D Measurement Machine OGP ZIP300 1
Non-contact Surface Texture Measurement System Mitaka Kohki Co., Ltd PF-60 1
Laser Interferometer ZYGO GPI XP 1
Non-contact 3D Shape Measuring Machine ZYGO New View 7300 1
Ultra-high Precision 3D Measuring Machine PANASONIC UA3P 1
OptiCentric-Spheric MOT +Asphero check TRIOPTICS OptiCentric-Spheric MOT +Asphero check 1
3-dimensional microscope Mitsutoyo BH706 1
Spectrophotometer HITACHI U4100 1


Equipment Manufacture company Machine type Qty
Injection molding machine 75~120T 9
Injection molding machine 360T 3
Noncontact 3-D measurement equipment Nikon VMA-2520 1


Equipment Manufacture company Machine type Qty
Injection molding machine 40~75T 3
Injection molding machine 100~180T 12
Injection molding machine 220T 1
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