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Health Management Declaration

Our goal is to create a workplace where people can enjoy working in good health, both physically and mentally

Toyotec Co., Ltd.

In order to achieve our corporate philosophy of “Realization of an ideally solidaristic and cooperative society, fostered by the idea of “Mutual Trust”, “Mutual Cooperation”, and “Mutual Prosperity”,

we believe that the health of our employees and their families is our most important asset.

We are committed to maintaining and improving their health, creating a safe and comfortable workplace, and enriching their family life.

We declare our commitment to the realization of a safe and comfortable workplace and the enrichment of family life in order to maintain and improve our health.

June 1st, 2017


Chairman Yoshiaki Ono

Our Future Vision

Health management should not be a burden on employees Fostering a culture of health by encouraging employees to voluntarily strive to improve their health management

1. Fostering health awareness (improving health literacy)

  • Posting of health management declarations (website, company newsletter, etc.)
  • Collection and visualization of health data
  • Distribution of information on health
  • Chanting of the Action Guidelines

2. Follow-up on health check-ups, specific health guidance, etc.

  • Set a goal of maintaining a 100% health check-up rate
  • Follow-up on medical check-ups for dependents and provide tools

3. Organizing events to promote health and communication

  • Sports events (marathon, bowling)
  • Summer party

4. Exercise support

  • Use of fitness gym
  • Radio gymnastics before morning assembly
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