We are a comprehensive optical manufacturer of Opto mechatronics that commercializes customer needs from design and development.

We will be holding an English webinar through 2022~2023!

TOYOTEC will be holding a series of 5 online technical seminars throughout 2022~2023 for engineers who are new to optical design and want to learn more about it.

The first two webinars will be;

〇Vol.1 Basics Of Optical Unit Design For Product Designers
Chapter 1 : Refraction of Light and Optical Materials
Chapter 2 : Paraxial Area and Imaging Terms
Chapter 3 : Aperture and Brightness of The Lens System
Chapter 4 : Aberration
Chapter 5 : Image Quality Evaluation
Chapter 6 : Overview of Various Optical Systems

>Available Date : Sept. 1st ~ Sept. 15th
>Register here : https://optical-tech-group.toyotec.com/en/webinar/2022webinar1/

〇Vol.2 Key Points in Planning, Designing, and Determining Specifications for Optical Modules
Chapter 1 : Design Process
Chapter 2 : Optical module specifications and basic configuration
Chapter 3 : Priorities in determining specifications
Chapter 4 : Elemental technologies that determine the performance of optical modules
Chapter 5 : Processes and elements that determine cost

>Available Date : Sept. 1st ~ Sept. 15th
>Register here : https://optical-tech-group.toyotec.com/en/webinar/2022webinar2/
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