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The Registration for August Rebroadcasts Have Started!

We would like to announce that the registration for August's rebroadcast have started.
Check out our page on Optical Design Technology Navigator to register now!

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*This webinar can be watched in Japanese only

【This month's webinar】

①Vol.5 The Features And Case Studies Of The Wide And Distortion-Less “RDL Lens”

Chapter 1: Why is it “Wide and Distortion-less”?
Chapter 2: The Features of RDL Lens
Chapter 3: Introducing Proposals to Markets

②Vol.1 Basics of Optical Unit Design for Product Designers

Chapter 1 : Refraction of Light and Optical Materials
Chapter 2 : Image formation in the near-axis region
Chapter 3 : Aperture and lens system brightness
Chapter 4 : Aberration
Chapter 5 : Evaluation of image quality
Chapter 6 : Outline of various optical systems

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