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TOYOTEC participated in Drone Demonstration Experiment: “Transportation of goods between evacuation centers during a disaster in a depopulated mountainous area”.

On March 27, a demonstration experiment of drone flight was held by Drone River Higashi Mikawa, and TOYOTEC participated in this experiment as a participating company.
About Drone River Higashi Mikawa

We attempted to transport medical supplies using a drone on the assumption that roads and other transportation infrastructure would be blocked due to a landslide. The supplies were transported from the Ebi Structural Improvement Center in Shinshiro City, Aichi Prefecture, to the former Ebi Elementary School playground, a distance of one kilometer. The drone flew automatically along a pre-programmed flight route, landed safely at a drone port with a heliport function for takeoff and landing, and successfully transported medical supplies.

TOYOTEC's RDL Lens is participating in this joint development.

RDL(120° Ultra-low Distortion Lens)

【 The Higashiaichi Shimbun Press Article (Japanese) 】
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