We are a comprehensive optical manufacturer of Opto mechatronics that commercializes customer needs from design and development.

Featured in “Higashimikawa Job Hunting Reader 2025”

TOYOTEC Corporation was featured in "Higashi Mikawa Shukatsu Yomihon 2025"

This magazine is to connect students who want to work in the Higashimikawa area with local companies, It is a supplement to "Recrooting," the Higashi Mikawa Student Job Hunting NAVI operated by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Higashi Mikawa region (Toyohashi, Toyokawa, Gamagori, Shinshiro, and Tahara).

In addition to being placed in career centers at 250 universities, the brochures were mailed to the homes of approximately 3,000 students whose hometowns are in the Higashimikawa region.

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