We are a comprehensive optical manufacturer of Opto mechatronics that commercializes customer needs from design and development.

Quality Policy

Manufacturing Products trusted by customers,
Providing products for customer Satisfaction

Toyo Circle Environmental Philosophy

Toyo Circle have to always optimize production activity for our products, services and business activity.
In addition, we have to protect and harmony with environment and keep firm confidence from customers,
end-users, community and residents.

Environmental Guideline

1) Continuous improvement of environmental performance in business activities, through the environment-friendly design and activities to reduce environmental risks, we aim to be Eco-friendly companies.

2) Companies establish chemical substance management system and strive their management/improvement of production environmental impact substances and chemical substances in products.

3) Compliance with environmental laws and regulations domestic and international, Companies will actively respond to the requirements of customers and related industries.

4) In harmony with local communities environment, Companies actively participate in environmental protection initiatives.

5) Through education and publicity activities, Companies strive to develop human resources with high environmental consciousness.

6) Companies publish environmental information appropriately and aim to live in harmony with the society.

This policy is well known to all employees, community, business partners,
and to disclose to the outside through the website also.

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