Sales Dept.

Daiki Takenouchi

Graduated in Law

6th-year employee

A day of my job

9:00 Mail Check
10:00 Presentation preparation
12:00 Lunch Break
13:00 Company meeting
15:00 Report Writing
16:00 Quotation Writing
18:30 End of Work

How I spend my holidays

□ Go eating with my friends
□ Watching Movies
□Go to trips


Tell us about your work.

Sales with major companies based on technical knowledge

I am in charge of domestic sales, mainly in Aichi Prefecture. I am also in charge of major companies that appear in TV commercials. My main responsibilities include meeting with customers, preparing quotations, holding internal meetings, and creating presentation materials for the company. Sales at TOYOTEC also require knowledge of the technical side. The main conversations with customers are with developers and engineers. Therefore, technical knowledge is essential. In addition to technical terms, it is important to understand the manufacturing process and how the parts are manufactured. Another important job is to provide feedback to the company on the contents of meetings with customers. The sales team sends information to the company from the customer’s point of view.

What was the deciding factor for you to join the company?

I liked the friendly atmosphere of the company.

I found out about TOYOTEC through Rikunabi (Job hunting website). I like talking with people, so I was looking for a job in the category of a salesperson who would have a lot of contact with people. In the end, I received several job offers and chose TOYOTEC, which was a local company. The deciding factor for me to choose TOYOTEC was, above all, the friendly company atmosphere. It is because of this atmosphere that I am able to push forward with my work every day. We sometimes go out for drinks together after work, and I think this is a company where I can enjoy both work and private life.

Please tell us about the appeal of TOYOTEC.

To work with customers to create products that do not exist in the world.

Sales is a department that involves a lot of interaction with people, both within the company and with customers. I think the appeal of TOYOTEC’s work is that we do not sell products that already exist, but rather we work with customers to create what they are looking for from scratch. It is also a job that gives me a sense of excitement to see non-existing products that I have received orders for, take shape and go out into the world with my own hands. It is a very rewarding job when you see the products you have created together with your customers being used by many people in their daily lives. In addition, TOYOTEC is an environment where you can talk directly with company executives and supervisors, and you can directly express your thoughts and opinions. Unlike major companies, I am able to listen to the opinions and ideas of various people regardless of their positions, which helps me to grow.

Tell us about your future goals.

When I was first assigned to the company, I was taught how to do my job by my seniors, and I worked on creating quotations and presentation materials. By experiencing actual work, I was able to gradually learn the structure of work and the knowledge of the company’s products. There are many things that I can learn through my work, and in order to develop myself, I would like to deepen my knowledge and understanding of the company’s products so that I can make proposals to customers and convey what kind of company TOYOTEC is in an attractive way. In addition, many of our business partners have factories overseas, so there are many opportunities to use English. Drawings are written in English, e-mails are written in English… and so on. Of course, in addition to using the English I learned as a student, I need to learn the technical terms to understand the meaning. I would like to improve my language skills in the future so that I can use them in my work.

A Message to our Participants

Rather than just worrying about the information on websites and pamphlets, it is a good idea to actually participate in information sessions. It is important to actively participate in information sessions, meet many companies, and see for yourself. By talking with people who are actually working there, you can get a feel for the company that you can’t get from the brochures, and this will help you in your job hunting activities. I know that job hunting is often difficult, but I hope you enjoy it and do your best!

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