Takuya Sakata

R&D Dept.
17Th Year Employee

Daiki Takenouchi

Sales Dept.
6Th Year Employee

Risako Yamada

Sales Dept.
6Th Year Employee

Hidetoshi Tomida

Manufacturing Dept.
9Th Year Employee

Mayuko Takemoto

Working Women’s Representative
Childcare Leave Taken Twice

Special Interview

To make a "brilliant society by light" for the next generation

We are a manufacturer of optical equipment. The possibilities of light are endless, and we continue to manufacture products that use the blessings of the sun’s rays to benefit various people and societies around the world.” Towards a world full of light” is what we aim for.
We have been manufacturing optical products starting from cameras, then to office equipment such as copiers and fax machines. Currently, we are working with global customers in Europe, America, and Asia in the optical sensor business. Our main products are photoelectric sensors, barcode readers, security, safety, automation, and precision inspection.
We have a corporate culture that takes on the challenges of these optical business opportunities. We expect our employees to have a challenging spirit, intellectual interest, and teamwork. Our company motto is “Mutual trust, mutual cooperation, and mutual prosperity”. We believe that our future and prosperity await us as a result of overcoming challenges by cooperating and consulting with our senior employees. I hope that people who would agree with this corporate culture will join us.

President and CEO

Yoshiaki Ono