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The Registration for October Rebroadcasts Have Started!

We would like to announce that the registration for October's rebroadcast have started.
Check out our page on Optical Design Technology Navigator to register now!

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*This webinar can be watched in Japanese only

【This month's webinar】

①Vol.4 What Are The Best Lenses And Lens Units For Image Recognition, Detection, And Sensing?

Chapter 1 : From “Viewing” to “Sensing”
Chapter 2 : Designing Lens With A Trilateral Concept
Chapter 3 : Lens and Lens Unit Specifications for Applications

②Vol.5 The Features and Case Studies of the Wide and Distortion-less “RDL Lens”

Chapter 1: Why is it “Wide and Distortion-less”?
Chapter 2: The Features of RDL Lens
Chapter 3: Introducing Proposals to Markets

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