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The Registration for September Rebroadcasts Have Started!

We would like to announce that the registration for September's rebroadcast have started.
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*This webinar can be watched in Japanese only

【This month's webinar】

①Vol.2 Key Points in Planning, Designing, and Determining Specifications for Lens Units

Chapter 1 : Design Process
Chapter 2 : Lens unit specifications and basic configuration
Chapter 3 : Priorities in determining specifications
Chapter 4 : Elemental technologies that determine the performance of lens units
Chapter 5 : Processes and elements that determine cost

②Vol.3 How to avoid problems in lens selection

Chapter 1 : Introduction to situations where ready-made lenses and custom lenses are used
Chapter 2 : Advantages and disadvantages of ready-made lenses
Chapter 3 : Advantages and disadvantages of custom lenses
Chapter 4 : Summary of comparison between ready-made lenses and custom lenses
Chapter 5 : Examples of custom lenses integrated into production
Chapter 6 : The key to creating custom lenses that won’t fail

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