Overseas Factory ( China )

From large-scale production using automated machines to small-lot production of a wide variety of products by hand,

we can respond flexibly to customer needs and production volumes.

Feng Ji Factory (Optical glass lens)

Equipment Manufacture company Machine type Qty
Grinding Machine (CG) 13
Automatic NC Grinding Machine 39
Centering machine 13
Grinding Machine (Cylindrical) 67
Polishing Machine (Flat Suraface) 5
Polishing Machine (Double-sided) 3
Vertical Surface Grinder 2
Cylindrical Grinder 2
Surface Grinder 2
Vertical Lathe 5
Cutting Machine 7
Vacuum Vapor Deposition Machine 5
Spectrophotometer JASCO V670 1
Interferometer FUJINON F601 1
Interferometer FUJINON F601 f 5
MTF Measuring Machine TRIOPTICS ImageMaster PRO 5 Ultra 1

Dong Xiu Factory (Plastic Lens)

Equipment Manufacture company Machine type Qty
Injection Molding Machine 50T 25
Injection Molding Machine 100~150T 6
Vacuum Vapor Deposition Machine 4
Machining Center
Precision Lathe
Electric Discharge Machine
Wire Cutting Machine
Surface Grinder
Cylindrical Grinder
Hybrid Lens Molding Machine TOYOTEC 12
Interferometer FUJINON F601 2
Interferometer AMETEK GPI XP/D 1
Spectrophotometer JASCO V670 1
Surface Form/Roughness Measurement Machine Taylor Hobson PGI 1240 1
Surface Form/Roughness Measurement Machine AMETEK S5 1

Guang De Factory (Precision Molding)

Equipment Manufacture company Machine type Qty
Injection Molding Machine 100~150T 9
Injection Molding Machine 180T 2
3D Measurement Machine Mitsutoyo TNC-K1003 8000 series 1
Non-Contact 3D Measurement Machine Mitsutoyo Quick Vision 1
Roundness Measuring Machine Mitsutoyo ROUNDTEST RA-2200 1