Company profile of TOYOTEC Co., Ltd

General optical components manufacturer of Optomechatronics satisfying customer's needs from design/development to productization



  • TOYOTEC is a comprehensive manufacturer of Opto-electronics which can commercialize the needs of our customers from design & development, based on the three expertises, Opto(Optics), Mechanical(Precision Machinery), Electronics(electronic technology).
  • We are focusing on core technology of Glass lens, Plastic lens, and Precision engineering plastics and to concentrate management resources on important products of customer/market, we always try to build up production technology in order to meet future demand or technology roadmap.
  • We would like to be your partner for current & future business.


Name: TOYOTEC Co., Ltd

Address: Headquarters(Toyo-Circle head office)
 2-35, Nishiyutaka, Toyokawa, Aichi, 442-0024
 TEL:+81 533 85 1110 FAX:+81 533 85 1458
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General Affairs
 2-35, Shinyutaka, Toyokawa, Aichi, 442-0012
 TEL:+81 533 85 1185 FAX:+89 533 89 0801
Sales Dept.
 2-30, Shinyutaka, Toyokawa, Aichi, 442-0012
 TEL:+81 533 85 3000 FAX:+81 533 85 6033
Technical Center for Optical Glass Lens
 2-30, Shinyutaka, Toyokawa, Aichi, 442-0012
 TEL:+81 533 85 2480 FAX:+89 533 89 1636

Establishment: Nov. 15, 1960

Equity:  JPY 80 Million

Rep. Director & President Yoshiaki Ono
Executive managing director Satoru Ono
Director Kenji Yukishita
Yoshifumi Naitou
Hitatsu Nakazawa
Auditor Yasuo Katsum
Employees : 264 (Jun 2017)

& Services:
Optics, Mechanics, Electronics parts and units
Design and fabrication of tooling for plastic injection mold
Exclusive tester, fixture design and fabrication
Fixtures design and fabrication




TOYOTEC has introduced TV conference system as one of communication tools
for both Japan and Overseas customers.
By using internet connection, possible to hold the TV conference with sharing image, voice, document and picture, application, etc.
Furthermore, TOYOTEC Japan head office and our China factory are using this sytem to hold in-company meetings.
It makes us possible to check the products spec in details and leads to proceed the project efficiency.

Square_ble_Right.pngHow to Connect
TV conference system made by LifeSize communication Inc.
Enter the IP address and send, auto system will answer for connecting.