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Meet various customer's needs by outstanding vacuum deposition technology

光学薄膜.jpgSquare_ble_Right.pngVacuum deposition technology
Producing optical filter product such as dielectric multi-layer filter and reflective mirrors by vacuum deposition.
Consistent process from optical design, substrate arrangement, polishing and coating
Offering stable and excellent quality product from prototype sample from R&D to mass production.

蒸着膜設計.jpgSquare_ble_Right.pngDesign for coating layer
Making use of know-how of coating layer design for many years,
propose various membrane controls of the wavelengths to meet customer's coating design in wide variety of markets.

蒸着男性.jpgSquare_ble_Right.pngVacuum deposition
IAD (Ion Assist Deposition) method is used for TOYOTEC vacuum deposition.
Take advantage of perfectly automatic vacuum deposition machines, variable masks, control devices of layer thickness, analysis devices of polarization, providing various multi-layer products with high performance and quality.

Square_ble_Right.pngEquipment for deposition
φ1,100 size consecutive deposition machines
φ1,350 size IAD deposition machines
φ800~1,300 size EB deposition machines
Ultrasonic washing machines

分光光度計測定.jpgSquare_ble_Right.pngEquipment for measurement
Spectrophotometric measurement equipment
 Hitachi, U-4000
 JASCO, V670
 ※possible to measure phase difference.


①Optical Pickup market (for BD、CD、DVD)
   Anti-reflection coating、half mirror、reflective mirror

②Camera、printer、sensor、medical equipment
   Anti-reflection coating、half mirror、bandpass filter、cold mirror and filter
   near-infrared cut filter、dichroic mirror and filter